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Overview of Bathroom Waterproofing – How Much Does it Cost?

Overview of Bathroom Waterproofing – i4Tradies


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Waterproofing a bathroom can be quite expensive. However, it is not another DIY project you could simply do. It has to be done by professionals to ensure that the job is done perfectly.

Even a slight leak can lead to various complications, including mould, paint peeling, damage to the structure, plasterboard decay, etc. The damages caused by these leaks can be more expensive to repair than actually waterproofing in the first place.

Therefore it makes sense to get your job done perfectly the first time itself. This article will give a brief insight into most people’s basic questions on waterproofing a bathroom, including its cost and the time taken to complete the project.

What is bathroom waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of making the shower area or the bathroom water-resistant or waterproof. When the bathroom or the shower area consistently gets exposed to water, the walls and flooring can get damaged.

The purpose of waterproofing is to seal the walls and the floor so that the water doesn’t penetrate. The waterproofing material is laid beneath the tile or the wall’s paint. Therefore it will act as a sealing agent. This will protect the structure of the house from constant exposure to water.

Why waterproofing is important

Waterproofing wet areas inside a house is a mandatory standard that you must comply with according to the Building Code of Australia.

Besides obeying the law, waterproofing is crucial to protect your home and your investment on it. A house that is not waterproofed can leak water, leading to various complications.

These complications can damage the house’s structure and even weaken the foundation. Such damages can be expensive to repair and could cost you a fortune.

Investing in a high-quality waterproofing system can eliminate most of such problems. Therefore it is both a legal requirement and a crucial element in protecting your home from water leakages.

What factors affect the cost and time taken to waterproof a bathroom

As mentioned before, waterproofing is not some DIY job you could easily pull off. Therefore you should have a rough idea of how much it would cost and how long it would take to waterproof a bathroom.

Before getting on to specific details, let’s look at some of the factors that affect the cost and the time taken to waterproof a bathroom. These factors will make each project different from the others.

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1. Material used

The waterproofing material is like a membrane. The quality of the membrane will determine the waterproofing properties.

There are various waterproofing materials on the market. The cost of each material will differ from each other depending on its quality and durability.

Apart from the cost of every single item used in waterproofing, you must also consider the number of coats you should apply. Generally, the material has to be double coated. However, there are single-coat waterproofing materials available in the market today.

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If you use a single coat, it is quick and would require less quantity. However, make sure that you use quality material to get your job done once and for all.

2. Size of the project

The size of the bathroom is a major factor that determines the time and cost of waterproofing.

If it is a large bathroom, it can cost more and would take more time to waterproof. If it has a smaller space, the cost would be lower and take less time.

3. Location

The location of your house will also play a role in determining the project’s cost. This is because the labour cost can differ depending on the geographical location.

Not only that, the cost and the time taken will also depend on where the bathroom is located. If it is located on the second floor or above, it could cost more to waterproof and take more time. This is because you have to waterproof all the walls and also the floor, if the bathroom is on the top floor.

You only need to waterproof the walls of a bathroom on the ground floor. You don’t have to waterproof its floor. Therefore if it is on the ground floor, the cost would be low and consume less time.

4. Urgency

Emergency services can always be more expensive. If you are in an emergency, you wouldn’t have any other option than going for the only available option.

If you have an emergency on a weekend, try to find a person who generally works on weekends to reduce the cost. This is since a tradie who works on normal hours would overcharge to work on weekends.

However, don’t depend entirely on the cost. Some tradespersons offer low prices, but their quality of service is also low.

5. State of the bathroom

How is the state of your bathroom? The waterproofing would go smoothly if it is in a good state. This also means that you don’t have to incur unnecessary costs and spend more time waterproofing your bathroom.

However, if the bathroom needs any renovation, it can be costly and consume more time. This is because damaged items must be replaced or repaired before proceeding with the waterproofing process.

How much would it cost to waterproof a bathroom?

As mentioned earlier, various factors affect the cost of waterproofing a bathroom. The bathroom waterproofing cost could be classified as labour and material cost.

A bathroom waterproofing can cost as little as $40 per square metre. However, this is more towards the lowest end of the quality scale.

Generally, to waterproof an average-sized bathroom, it would cost around $500 to $800. This includes both the cost of materials and labour.

Before jumping to any conclusions, you should obtain at least three competitive price quotes from three different waterproofing specialists. The quotes should mention in detail the materials used, the number of days or hours taken, the total cost, etc. Therefore you can select the most suitable service supplier according to your budget.

How long would it take to waterproof a bathroom?

Time taken for bathroom waterproofing would also depend on various factors. Generally, it would take around 2-3 days to completely waterproof an average-sized bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, waterproofing would typically require two coats. You should wait until the first coat is dried to apply the second. Further, when applying the coat, the tradesperson should be careful not to miss a single point. 

That person should be meticulous. That’s why it would take around 2-3 days on average to complete a normal job.

How to hire a waterproofing tradesperson

Various persons specialise in waterproofing a bathroom. Some builders, tiling persons, and renovation specialists do waterproofing.

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However, there are certain things that you must consider when hiring a person for your job. Make sure to check these factors.

  • Does the person have the licences issued by the relevant authority of the respective State?
  • How long would it take to complete the project?
  • Does the person have insurance to work at your home?
  • Which material do they recommend for the job?
  • Are there any workmanship warranties provided?
  • Can the person provide a detailed and written quotation for the job?
  • Are there any references you could follow up on to check the person’s competence?

It would be easy for you to find a suitable tradesperson according to all of the criteria if there is a database of tradespersons. Well, there’s one.

Visit i4Tradies today to find the most suitable tradesperson closer to your location. Our filtering options will allow you to check whether they have the proper licences and competence to do your job perfectly.