Should You Repair the Toilet or Install a New One – You Must Know

Should You Repair the Toilet or Install a New One – You Must Know - i4Tradies


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Are you wondering whether to repair or replace your toilet? If your toilet is leaking, old, or broken, you might be thinking it’s best to install a new one.

However, that might not be the case. Sometimes, you can even save more money and repair the toilet back to normal.

So how to find out whether you could repair the old toilet or you must install a new one? This article will discuss the facts that you must know so that you can decide it yourself.

What is the life expectancy of a toilet?

There is no fixed lifetime for a toilet. However, most manufacturers provide a 25-year warranty for the porcelain. The warranty for the toilet parts will be around one year, depending on the brand that you purchase.

Life expectancy of a toilet - i4Tradies

The life expectancy of the toilet will mostly depend on the quality of materials used. However, good maintenance and cleaning routines can increase life expectancy beyond 25 years.

When should you repair the toilet?

There are situations where you can simply repair the toilet instead of replacing a new one. However, the fault should be minor, and the repair should hold on for a decent period. Therefore it’s crucial to identify when you should repair the toilet.

1. Fault in flushing

Do you have to flush the toilet several times to get the job done? Then it can be due to a fault in the sewer, low water level, issue in the vent pipes, or premature close of the flapper.

Frequent flushing can increase your water bill and lead to more severe problems. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved easily by simply repairing the fault.

2. The tank does not fill up or takes time

Have you noticed that it takes time to fill your tank, or it does not fill up at all? This is another common problem with toilets.

This can occur due to a malfunction in the fill valve. The fill valve can be replaced, but make sure to pick a part that matches your model exactly.

3. Constantly running toilet

Is your toilet running constantly even if you don’t flush it? This could be due to a fault in the flapper valve. Water can flow into the bowl if the flapper valve doesn’t close properly.

Try adjusting the flapper yourself if you can identify any fault. If it is still running, you might need professional help.

4. Rusted metal parts

Check for rusted metal parts of your toilet. Not all metal parts will be subject to corrosion. Therefore you must check for them every now and then.

If there’s any corrosion in the metal parts, you must replace them as soon as possible.

5. Clogs in new toilets

It is highly unlikely for new toilets to clog. If a new toilet gets clogged, it could be a temporary block caused by items like a piece of cloth, a toy, etc. You can use the plunger to remove the block.

If plunging doesn’t do the trick, you should contact a plumber to cable the drain and remove the block.

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6. Water residue at the base of the toilet

If you see water residue at the base of your toilet, then there is a water leak. This could happen due to a faulty seal.

This can raise your water bill every single day. Therefore the seal must be repaired immediately.

However, make sure that there is no crack in the bowl which causes the water to leak. In that case you might have to replace a new toilet.

When should you install a new toilet?

All faults and damages cannot be repaired. Sometimes you might have to replace the toilet with a new one. Here are some instances in which you must replace the old toilet.

1. Constant clogs

A toilet can get clogged every now and then. However, if it is constantly getting clogged every week, it can be a sign of mineral deposits.

These minerals will build up inside the drain pipeline and harden over time. Once hardened, it is difficult for water or waste to pass through.

This is highly common in old toilets. If you are not sure about the reason for the clog, you can call a plumber. You might have to replace your toilet under these circumstances.

2. It needs too many expensive repairs

Replacing a filler valve, a handle, or a flapper is less costly. However, you might have to do some expensive repairs to bring your toilet back to normal.

Compare the cost of the repair and replacement. If the repair cost is higher or even if it only has a small difference, we believe that replacing a new one would be better.

3. Cracks in the bowl and the tank

The bowl and the tank are usually made up of porcelain, especially because porcelain is waterproof, durable, and hygienic. However, even porcelain can get cracked and damaged.

Cracks in the tank and the bowl can cause significant water leak over time. Therefore if you see a crack, consult a plumber immediately. Sometimes it’s repairable.

Cracks in the bowl and the tank - i4Tradies

If you are repairing the porcelain, make sure that it holds on for a long period. Otherwise, it is better to replace a new toilet.

4. Your model is old

Have you noticed that your water bill has spiked? Is it because of your old toilet?

It could be leaking water without your knowledge. This can be detected by an experienced plumber.

Even if you don’t see any visible leak, your toilet might consume more water when flushing. Now there are more efficient toilets in the market that consume less water.

5. Toilet wiggles or moves when you sit

Does your toilet move and wiggle when you sit down? This could cause you physical damage if the toilet crashes down.

Sometimes this could be repaired. Consult a plumber and get his opinion too. Maybe it’s for the best to replace a new one.

How much would it cost to repair or replace the toilet?

The cost could vary depending on the brand of the toilet and how easy the job is. Generally, a toilet could cost as little as $150 or as high as $1000, while the hourly rate of a plumber can be around $55 in Australia.

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The cost of repairing also depends on various factors. The prices of parts and materials can vary according to the brand and quality.

Therefore it is always better to obtain competitive quotes from different plumbers when replacing or repairing your toilet.

Disclaimer: These figures can differ from time to time depending on the market conditions.

Should you seek professional help

Deciding whether to repair the toilet or replace it can be tricky. An experienced plumber can detect the problem quickly and advise you about the best available options to solve them. It is also a legal requirement to hire a plumber to do sanitary plumbing in Australia.

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