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A Quick Guideline to Pick Houseplants for Landscaping – Kids Safety is a Must

A Quick Guideline to Pick Plants for Landscaping – Kids Safety is a Must


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It is both exciting and challenging to pick Houseplants for landscaping, especially if you are a nature enthusiast and have lovely kids around.

You cannot just go to a gardening shop and buy any plant you want. When picking suitable plants for your outdoor or indoor areas you must consider certain facts. One such fact is that these plants should be safe for kids and pets.

If you are looking for a guideline for picking plants for landscaping, then this article is for you. We will give you some quick tips to get a better idea when picking the plants for your garden and home.

#1. Where do you want to install Houseplants?

It is important to decide where you want to place the plants. This can significantly affect the type of plant you choose for a specific area.

For instance, it’s better to place colorful plants that will add beauty to your house and do not block the view of the house. However, you have more freedom when designing the backyard because it is more private.

#2. Must know how the plant would look like when grown

Every plant has its identical look when grown up. You could make a few adjustments to change its look, but you cannot make significant changes to a plant. Therefore, you must have a clear idea of how the Houseplant would look when grown up.

Must know how the houseplant would look like when grown

Some trees would grow tall, and they could cover a big portion of your garden and block the view of your home. Some plants would grow too bushy and shady, blocking the sunlight to nearby plants. Therefore you must have a clear idea of whether the plant is suitable for your garden when it grows up.

This mainly depends on the size of your garden or your home and your objectives.

#3. Consider the sunlight

Does your garden receive ample sunlight? Certain plants need sunlight to grow, and certain plants love the shade. Watch out for the areas in your garden that receive ample sunlight to grow the plants that need sunlight.

Certain plants need sunlight to grow

If certain areas in your garden do not receive full sunlight, you could go for the plants that love the shade. These low-light plants are also suitable for indoor areas. Such low light indoor plants are Cast Iron plant, Peace Lily, etc.

#4. Soil type and weather conditions of your area

Plants do not grow on every soil. Certain plants require specific soil composition and conditions to grow. If you choose plants that grow in pots, you can introduce a suitable soil composition into the pots. Therefore the plant can adapt and grow well under such soil conditions.

Soil type and weather conditions

If you plan to install plants that grow on the ground itself, you have to make sure that the soil is suitable for that plant. The hardiness of your soil could affect the growth of the plants.

Read more: Australian National Botanic Garden.

Not every houseplant will grow under every geographical condition. The wind, rainfall, and humidity could affect the plants. Therefore you must check whether the plants you pick are suitable for the weather conditions in your area.

#5. Color of your plant

Do you want your garden to be all green? Or do you want to add colors then and there and make the garden more colorful?

Therefore you should have a good idea about the color of the leaves and flowers of the plant. The colors of the plants will add beauty and increase the appeal of your garden. Therefore if you want to add colors to your garden, pick plants with beautiful color compositions.

However, if you want your garden to be all green, make sure that the plants bear suitable leaves and flowers to suit your expectations.

#6. Is it safe for kids and pets?

If you have kids and pets running around in your house, you have to ensure that the plants are safe. Yes, certain plants can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Some plants would also have thorns which could cause physical damage to children.

houseplants safe for kids and pets

These plants may look beautiful, but they are not what they seem. Such plants are Bluebell, Poison Ivy, Hydrangea, Foxglove, etc.

Therefore, you must determine whether the plants are suitable for kids or pets before buying them.

Some non-toxic indoor plants are Spider Plant, Ponytail Palm, Parlour Palm, etc.

#7. Stay away from invasive plants.

Invasive plants will cause problems in biodiversity and the environment. Many nurseries sell invasive plants because they need less care. However they grow wild and could affect other plants in the area.

You should watch out for such plants and stay away from them.

Read more: Invasive Species Council

#8. Consider all seasons

Every plant will not bloom all year round. However, you should not let the beauty of your garden vanish during different seasons.

different kinds of plants that bloom in different seasons

When picking plants for landscaping, make sure to pick evergreen plants or different kinds of plants that bloom in different seasons. The evergreen plants will continue to bloom or stay green for more than one season. Some of them might even bloom all year round.

Read more: Brisbane City Council

#9. Know the different kinds of plants

There are different kinds of plants that could be used for landscaping. It’s better if you have a clear idea about them.

Landscape trees:

The landscaping trees are an excellent choice to make your garden more beautiful. You should have a clear idea about the features of the trees that you choose. There are evergreen trees that will continue to stay green even during the winter. When choosing trees, you must also consider the width, height, color of the leaves and flowers, etc.


There are both flowering and non-flowering shrubs. If you want to add color to your garden, colorful flowering shrubs are a good choice. However, you should know that there are deciduous shrubs that only bloom in one season and evergreen shrubs.


These small plants will add color to your garden in groups. There are evergreen perennials that will bloom throughout the year. However, they are short-term plants that live for around two years.


These are the plants that will cover an area of the ground. There are multi-colored groundcovers in the market. However, the most commonly used groundcover is grass. They will increase the appeal of your garden and prevent erosion.

#10. Can you spend time on maintenance?

You should have to spend time on maintenance if you are growing plants in your garden. However, there are some plants that require low maintenance, like Daylily. If you don’t have much time to spend on maintenance, you must research to find out plants that require low maintenance and care.

If you are a nature-loving person who doesn’t have much time to spend on maintenance or doesn’t have much landscaping knowledge, then we have good news for you. Various landscapers listed on our website can help design a lovely garden for you and maintain it on your behalf.

You don’t have to spend time on research and worry about which plants suit your garden. They have the experience and expertise to match your expectations. Visit our website today and contact an expert to fulfill your landscaping requirements.