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Dear DIY enthusiasts – From your Tradie, with love.

Dear DIY enthusiasts – From your Tradie, with love - i4Tradies


Australia is a nation of DIY enthusiasts and we take pride in being able to do some of our work ourselves. But when it comes to serious business such as playing with the concrete, electricity, plumbing, roofing and the like, you are not only risking your property and threatening your life, but also making it even tougher for the Tradie to repair what you tried to fix. So we asked some Tradies who have actually had such experiences to share their advice to the DIY enthusiasts out there, before they get stuck into something they can’t figure how to get out of.

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1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

This goes especially for the electrical and plumbing jobs which are more about what you ‘can’t do’ rather than what you ‘can do’.

You need to be licensed to carry out this sort of work given the dangers it can pose to you and your/rented property. The legal consequences are even bigger in terms of fines and your insurance might not cover up for a DIY gone wrong if there is an evidence of illegal work done by you.

2. Whatever you do, please don’t YouTube!

Looking forward to meet someone who could YouTube an open heart surgery! Yes you can google almost anything these days but that does not make your skill level equivalent to a qualified Tradie who spent years in TAFE and on the job to learn what you learned in a 15 minutes video.

3. Don’t save money, save yourself the trouble!

If you think that you will be able to save a few dollars here and a few dollars there by doing it yourself, you are mistaken.

It you mess it up, it will cost the Tradie more time to repair what you tried to fix, which means more cost to you. Even worse, you may even end up doing a really big damage due to lack of skill that will devalue your property.

So save yourself the trouble, and let a professional do it.

4. Never assume things. Do some basic research!

If you have made up your mind and really want to roll up your sleeves and do it on your own, for heaven’s sake, do some basic research to avoid simple mistakes. Don’t assume things, do your math, ask for advice and may be read a blog or two by a professional who knows what they are talking about.

5. Be honest, tell the Tradie you have attempted doing it first!

Too many DIYers just don’t want to accept that they not only failed at fixing something they thought was easy but ended up making it worse. You might be able to save the Tradie some time and trouble by telling them the truth, instead of them finding it out on their own.

6. Forget “The Block” style

What’s the best TAFE around for DIYers? You guessed it! The Block!

Nothing wrong in taking an advice or two from a qualified Tradie telling you how to do it yourself, but taking all your pro-tips from a popular TV show, is certainly not the wisest thing to do.

So the next time you feel the urge to knock down a wall, pause, take a deep breath and repeat what I just said.

“Forget “The Block” style”.

7. Don’t buy cheap materials

You are probably already saving on not hiring a pro, the least you can do is use materials that would last, are easy to use and would not end up damaging your property.

8. Put safety first!

A lot of tools that you are planning to use in your next DIY project can be dangerous if you don’t know how they work. Take time to read the packaging inside out. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a finger or two chopped off.

9. If you are unsure, don’t bother!

Now that you know you are not going to save any money on a DIY job, so if you don’t have any idea how it should be done, just do your Tradie a favour and call them for help! You might have to wait for a week, you might feel that you are spending too much on a small job, but know this: It will be done right, the first time and give you the peace of mind that will last longer than 2 days.


Wrapping it Up

No matter how frugal or ambitious you are feeling on a given day and no matter how great an idea it sounds, make sure you have some basic knowledge of the stuff you are getting yourself into. If it’s not legal or safe, it’s not worth the hassle either. If you are not sure how to do it, leave it to someone who does.