The Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist that every property owner must have


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Your home is your haven at all times of the year. Keeping it maintained and healthy is important to ensure that your house is ready for anything that comes along the way. Especially, when the seasons rotate!

Table of Contents

Experiencing all four seasons is a bliss of its own. However, with the snow-white winter, the gleaming days of summer, the blooming colours in spring and the red leaves in autumn, your house maintenance will also change. 

Seasonal home maintenance is just like a regular check-up on your house that you must look into while enjoying the seasons.

Whether you want to do it on your own, or you hire a professional to get the job done, maintaining your home’s exterior, heating & cooling systems, plumbing, electrical and appliances will allow you to save time, money and keep your house in its full glory! 

To keep it simple, you can follow the ultimate home checklist to keep everything on your property safe and sound. Therefore, we have created a checklist with seasonal home maintenance tips that can help every homeowner.

Why should you check your home before/after seasons

Conducting a monthly inspection for your property will allow you to manage and track all the repairs easily. It can also make it easier for you to prepare for the seasons and budget your seasonal home maintenance expenses.  

Let us take a look at how each season can affect your property, and how maintaining a checklist can help you sort your home’s needs.


Spring cleaning is one of the most common to-do lists that many homeowners follow. It is easier to get rid of all the junk at home, declutter and do a deep clean, both interior and exterior. Spring and cleaning go hand in hand for many reasons. 

However, while doing a complete spring cleaning process, many homeowners completely neglect some of the most important fixes and repairs that need to be done for the property. This is why it is important to draw up a checklist that includes the spring seasonal home maintenance tips as well. Here is what you have to look out for during spring clean-ups. 

Spring Checklist: 

Touch-ups on the walls: When you start moving your furniture or rearranging the interior of your home you will chip off some paint from the walls. The small scratch on the walls can be unnoticeable, but it can lead to peeling and extra damage to the walls leaving behind a bigger mess. While you are cleaning your property, make sure that you do some touch-ups on the wall. 

Check your basements and attic:  If you have started an extended cleaning process during spring, you can inspect your basement and attic space. This can help identify any mould build-ups or dampness on the ceilings or walls. It is common to store boxes in basements and attics, hence doing a complete check around the items will help keep everything in check. 

Cleaning your water heater: Not many homeowners use their water heater during spring. This is an opportunity to clean it thoroughly and check for any built residue inside.  

Clean your dishwasher: Many homeowners tend to overlook cleaning their appliances during the spring cleaning process. Even though dishwashers require frequent clean-ups, they can slip one’s mind. Adding this to the list will help you keep your dishwasher clean and safe to use. 

Deep cleaning garbage disposals: Your disposable bins and garbage areas must be maintained well to avoid any animals or pests to invade them. Bad odour can be unpleasant, attracting pests to your property. Start deep cleaning your garbage disposals to maintain hygiene and a sanitary environment. 

Re-do/ clean your garden: Spring is the best time to start maintaining your home garden. With flowers blooming beautifully, you can give some extra time and effort to take care of your garden. You can also fertilize your lawn and trim some bushes. A nice garden view will add great value to your property. 

Service your air-conditioner: Built-up dust in your filters and vent during winters can cause your air conditioner to not work properly. You can service your AC by calling in a professional or do it yourself with some clean clothes and dusters. 

Apart from these chores, you can also do some of the additional maintenances such as: 

  • Inspecting property roofing for leaks and damages.
  • Cleaning windows and door screens. 
  • Polishing any wood furniture.
  • Hire a professional to inspect your septic tank. 
  • Vacuuming your vents. 
  • Inspect your chimney.
  • Fixing any doors, windows. 
  • Removing the insulation from your outdoor faucets and sprinkler heads.


The season of cold beverages and pool parties! Summer is fun, warm and adventurous for many of us. The thought of cleaning during summer is something that not many of us are interested in. However, maintaining your home during summer is also an important task. With Christmas right around the corner, there is so much preparation that you must do.

Summer Checklist 

Servicing your AC: When the heat and humidity rises, you will make good use of your AC. Hiring a professional HVAC technician will help you to filter, repair, clean the condenser coil, drain any leakage and check for damages in your air conditioner. You can service your AC before summer begins so that you can maintain a cool, refreshing vibe at your house. 

Check your plumbing systems: Certain summers can be so hot that it cracks your indoor and outdoor pipes due to sun exposure. Inspecting your plumbing system, both indoor and outdoor, will help you to identify any damages or leaks caused due to excessive heat. 

Check for moulds: Humidity is one of the plus factors of summer, which means the environment is perfect for mould build-ups. Check for any possible dark and humid places where moulds can flourish. If you check ahead of time, you can avoid any mould infestations in your home. In any case, if you find such substances in your house, you can call a professional to safely remove them and clean your property. 

Clean and maintain your refrigerator: During summers you are in desperate need of storing many cold products to keep you hydrated and fresh. You will be using your refrigerator most of the time during summer. Keeping your refrigerator maintained and clean will avoid any sudden breakdowns. You can vacuum the coils and start by removing dust and dirt from the appliance.  

Clean your washing machines: Summer day’ call for more laundry work and drying. Make sure to do a check on your washing machines before summer arrives. 

Check your smoke detectors: Check your smoke detector batteries so that in an emergency you are alerted and evacuate in time. 

Check your fire extinguisher: Overheating and fires are two common things during intense summers or there may be a fire during your BBQs. Make sure that you check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher. Normally the life expectancy of an extinguisher is 10 years long, however, it is best to check to ensure safety.  

Washing your home: When the sun is out, you have all the facilities to wash your home’s exterior. You can hire a professional to pressure wash your fences, walls, or garage gates. 

Apart from the chores above, you can also do some of these: 

  • Oiling garage doors and chains.
  • Removing lint from dryer vents and washer hoses.
  • Cleaning the exhaust fan. 
  • Sealing tile grout.
  • Cutting overgrown trees and shrubs.


When fall arrives, the festivities begin. The breezy winds, the falling leaves and the smell of pumpkin lattes. Fall is a special month for many people around the world. It can be because of the upcoming exciting festivals and events, or it is simply just because of the beauty of how things change during autumn. With that being said, your house also needs some special care and seasonal home maintenance tips to survive the fall and prepare for the cold winters.

Fall Checklist 

Cleaning your gutters: One of the most common issues faced by many homeowners during fall is clogged rain gutters. When you have trees surrounding your home, you will eventually find many leaves on your roof, lawn, garden and even inside the gutters. Cleaning the gutters during and after fall will prevent any blocks. 

Cleaning fireplaces and Chimneys: The season of fall is incomplete without the perfect fire to keep you warm and cosy. For almost a year you don’t make use of your fireplace. But when fall arrives it’s time that you prepare for it by cleaning and dusting the place before you can start a fire. 

Before the leaves start falling to the ground, you can do a thorough check of your fireplace and chimneys. Check for bird nests, fallen branches and leaves. You wouldn’t enjoy the leaves stuck in the chimney passage before and after the season is over. 

Service gas range and stovetops: Inspect your stovetops, and gas pipes with the help of a professional. You don’t want any explosions during this time of the year. Since you will be using your stove a lot during the fall, doing a check will keep you and your family safe. 

Service/ Repair water heaters and furnace: While you are doing your fall seasonal home maintenance checklist, you must also start preparing for the next one. During winters, you will be using your heaters more so make sure to clean the heaters and furnaces to keep your home warm. 

Raking leaves: Keep your grounds and schedule a time to rake your backyard, lawn or garden. 

You can also do these maintenances: 

  • Swapping old windows.
  • Power washing windows. 
  • Inspecting the roof for damage. 
  • Mending cracks in the driveway. 
  • Tuning home appliances before the holidays begin. 
  • Cleaning the carpets. 
  • Drain and store hoses and water sprinklers.
  • Inspecting the exterior of the property: handles, locks.
  • Checking for frayed wires.


As much as winter is the picture-perfect season of the year, it can come with many troublesome worries for your home. Just like how you need to prepare for winters with warm clothes and scarfs, you need to start planning your winter seasonal home maintenance to keep your house from getting a frostbite. 

The freezing temperature change comes with many problems, including causing damage to your roof and facing frozen pipes and gutters. The winter problems can get difficult especially if there is a blizzard. During snow blizzards and sudden drops in the temperature, it is hard to find professional help. This is why many homeowners must start maintaining a checklist to avoid any major issues.

Winter Checklist 

Check on frozen pipes: Frozen pipes are one of the major causes of house damages. If it is left too long without checking you will end up with additional expenses. Check your home for any frozen pipes both indoors and outdoors.  

Inspect your ceilings: Dampness is common during the cold season. Conduct an inspection on your ceilings and walls for any clogged pipelines or cracks. If you find any wet patches in your house, call a professional and get the necessary help. 

Maintain your refrigerator/ freezer temperature: Your freezer/ fridge can start overcooling or build frost during winter. You can call a professional technician and get it fixed before the winter chills enter your home.

Pest inspection: Believe it or not, your house can be the refuge shelter for all types of pests during winter. They can start entering through vents, and other places just to hide and infect your home. Call a pest control service before you settle in for winter. Taking the measures to keep your home clean will let you be with peace of mind. 

You can avoid an emergency if you keep check of the property. Here are some other maintenance tasks that you can do to prepare your home for winter: 

  • Vacuuming bathroom exhaust fan. 
  • Checking basements for leaks. 
  • Cleaning your sink, tubs and shower drain. 
  • Empty your refrigerator drip trays 

What are the common things to check in between seasons?

Whether you are enjoying mid-summer or winter, there are a few important things that you cannot miss in-between seasons.

  • Checking and testing the smoke alarms.
  • Cleaning all the drains to avoid any major plumbing fixtures. 
  • Checking the heating and ventilation system in your property.
  • Maintaining a clean space for garbage disposal.
  • Keeping in check with the power supply, wires and cords. 
  • Dehumidifying your property. 
  • Clearing ice dams in rain gutters and the roof. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining all electrical appliances used in your property.

Why do you need professional help?

Whether you need to get a roof repair done or fix plumbing issues, hiring a professional to do the work for you is a smart investment that you make for your property. 

Many homeowners feel hesitant to spend a couple of dollars and hire a professional to do the home maintenance. Rather, they want to step on a ladder and do the job with less experience. 

DIY can be fun and fulfilling at times, but when you work with a professional, you will not only experience the best services but you will also gain a long term advantage. 

Here is why you need to hire professional help when it comes to seasonal home maintenance: 

  1. Get to experience the experts in the field of service management with high standard skills and professionalism at every step. 
  2. It saves a lot of money for you in expensive repairs later on.
  3. Your property is examined and you are given the right advice when there is a problem. 
  4. Professionals maintain safety precautions while conducting any form of work on the property. 
  5. Get a clean and satisfying finish for your home. 

Seek out the help you need when it comes to home repairs. You might enjoy having a professional opinion on your property care.