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Delivering PEACE of Mind When Dealing with Your Trades Services Company

Delivering PEACE of Mind When Dealing with Your Trades Services Company - i4T Global


Anyone who has ever requested a home improvement service knows only too well that finding a good tradie can be a job in itself. We all have our own versions of horror stories from tradies disappearing half way through jobs to showing up late and not following up after a quote. The list seems never ending. Finding myself and many others I know in a similar situation, I believe a key factor in making sure that you don’t end up being a victim, is to hire a quality trades services provider in the first place! The looming question is, how? Today, tech savvy customers are looking for ways to be able to search tradies, compare quotes and request a service from where ever they are through their mobile devices. Not only that, but customers want to know a service provider’s credentials and past work record before letting them in. They don’t shy away from sharing their experience (good or bad) on the social media and most of all, if they are satisfied with a provider, they seek to build a longer term relationship with them based on trust and compassion. Notice that nowhere have I mentioned the price! The truth of the matter is, if you are getting all else right, price becomes just a number! At the end of the day, it’s all about the peace of mind you get while dealing with your Trades Services provider. Here’s how i4Tradies helps deliver the PEACE of mind you are looking for:

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Want to avoid the hassle of going to web directories and spending time assessing whether a tradie is legit or not?

How professional the tradie is that you are hiring, reflects in a number of things, even before they hit your door bell. From the ease of being able to find and connect with you online to quickly responding to your request for quote, informing you about the tradie who will visit you and exactly what time he’ll be there, all are factors that shout out professionalism.

With i4Tradies, you can not only look up all registered Trades Services Companies in your local area but also get instant quotes for your job right on your mobile device.

Experience – Visibility Into Past Jobs

Do you want to save yourself from hiring a fly-by-night tradie with a shaky business? A tradie with several years of experience under his belt knows the ins and outs of the industry and is more likely to deliver the job to perfection.

i4Tradies gives visibility into past jobs performed helping customers select the provider that has the right skill set for the right job and would meet work expectations!

When selecting a Trades Services Company through i4Tradies, customers can have the peace of mind knowing that they are hiring an experienced professional with a long established and stable business.

Assessment – Ratings and Reviews

Ever felt the need to speak to previous or existing clients of the Tradie you are hiring? What if there was a podium where you could see what others have to say about the tradie you are about to hire?

With i4Traides, customers can skim through the community ratings and reviews for all registered providers before requesting a quote, thus inspiring trust. Not only this, but they can also rate a given provider based upon their service experience, thereby providing a completely transparent way to select a tradie based upon his reputation and work history.

Credibility – Registered, Certified and Insured

Can you let a stranger walk into your home and mess with your home’s plumbing? No matter how professional or experienced a trades serviced provider is, you want to make sure they will carry out the job to the highest standards and in case they make a mistake, they should be able to cover it.

i4Tradies provides the peace of mind to users as they know that the tradie they are dealing with is registered, certified and insured! You can look up their ABN details, ISO certifications and know if they understand their insurance obligation in case of an accident.

Engagement – Communication Through App And Social Media

Hate being blind-folded on your job progress? Does your tradie arrive without the right tools because he couldn’t understand your job requirements?

If you have a home improvement job up your selves, being able to effectively communicate your job details and staying in the loop as it progresses is nothing less than a blessing!

With i4Traides, you can not only communicate your requirements with an image of your job but also stay on top of your projects at every stage with email notifications! Better yet, once its finished, you can share your happiness with your friends on social media, fostering a stronger relationship with your provider!


Just as today’s tech savvy customers are eager to develop trusted relationship with their providers, Trades Services Companies that care about their customers and have got a reputation to maintain, are moving towards Customer Experience Management solutions to serve their customers in the best possible way!

Getting a trusted provider is like having a good doctor: you’ll want to stick to the same one every time!

Having trouble finding a qualified trusted Trades Services provider for your upcoming residential or commercial project? Download the i4Tradies app now and connect with the best tradie in your local area!