Keeping properties safe this season from intruders


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It’s that time of the year to plan long vacations and spend more time with our friends and family. The holiday season is right around the corner, and with the preparations for Christmas and New Year, there is quite a lot going on in your home. Organising plans, decorating your homes, doing a seasonal cleanup and whatnot? With the holiday excitement kicking in, don’t forget that you need to be aware of how you leave your home unattended. Santa is not the only guest who will be visiting during the holiday season! This season think more about securing your home from burglars! Let us help you to keep your property safe.

Table of Contents

How burglars broke into homes

According to the research and stats, Australia is known to have the 7th highest rank for burglaries in the world. At least 4.3% of households have experienced break-ins in a year. Which indicates that securing your home is important more than ever. 

The thought of home invasions and burglary is most commonly in the back of our minds, however, we act less on that thinking that nobody is targeting our homes. Truth to be told, many by-passers can be burglars looking for the right opportunity to slip inside your home. 

Contrary to how seasonal movies showcase burglaries and how courageous kids save their homes. It is no fun and games when it comes to the safety of your home. You ain’t in a ‘’Home Alone’’ movie series to get excited to invite the burglars. 

Most of the burglaries and break-ins happen during the daytime when you are on vacation, off at work or when the kids are at school. They step in when no one is at home and when the neighbourhood is quiet. 

Most burglars have some common entry points to break-in:

The Front Door – The main entry point to any home is the front door. When burglars surveillance the house and the neighbourhood they first attempt to try breaking in through the front door. This avoids raising suspicions. 

About 34% of burglars just walk inside your home by just twisting the doorknob. This can be due to many reasons: Old locks, illegally lock picking or simply because you left your door unlocked by mistake. 

Windows– Break in through windows is another entry point for burglars to come inside without being noticed. Many of us are in a hurry to leave home and we often forget to check our windows. Around 23% of homeowners leave their first-floor window open, resulting in an opportunity for theft. 

The Back Door – The several Tv shows that have some mystery and suspense always hints about how anyone can just slip inside your home through the back door. Having many entry points without high security is another opportunity for burglars, especially the back doors through your kitchen. 

The garage is the next best space to hide out and sneak in when no one is home. Burglars are not masterminds but they are sneaky and quiet. About 9% of thefts occur by entry through the garage doors. 

Basement– Your home basement is another target entry point that many burglars can use to enter your home. Many homeowners do not lock their basement doors from outside or inside. It is an opportunity for burglars in your area to keep notes and break in. 4% of burglars choose to enter through basements. 

Unlocked doors – Any opening point is an entry for burglars to come and invade your home. Sheds, storage spaces and other areas are potential entry points. 

No Dogs – Homes without pets are most targeted because of the lack of threat. Dogs bark when any outsider enters their property creating attention! 

Ensuring to safeguard the entry points with high security will help reduce the chances of your home being the next target. Burglars strike during the day and at night, without proper security features, your home is vulnerable. Homes with poor lighting and no surveillance cameras are mostly targeted during the holiday seasons.

What kind of homes do burglars target?

Some homes are listed as an easy score opportunity in a burglars checklist. Knowing exactly where your home falls on the list, you can avoid a break in this season. Being cautious and having a piece of safety guidelines can help you protect your property better. 

Let us take a look at what burglars target when they choose their next home. There are some common signs that they look for when they choose their next target: 

  1. Leaving trash cans while you are away- It is a simple sign that they observe. Leaving your trash cans outside while you travel can put a target on your home. Make sure that you ask a neighbour to clear the trash while you are away. 
  2. Piling mails – This is another sign that burglars look out for before choosing to rob a property. Mails and packages that are left on doorsteps indicate that the owners are away. This can attract burglars to steal your packages and break in while away. 
  3. Avoid ordering items to your home when you are away, and notify a neighbour to collect your mails so that your home is out of the burglars radar. 
  4. Overgrown bushes and messy lawns – Overgrown grass in your lawn is another sign for burglars to notice that the owners are not home. Plus, the bushes can be the perfect hiding spot for them to wait and enter your home. 
  5. Broken fences – Homes that are neglected during seasons are the best target for burglars to enter. With many repairs to be done, they can easily enter and exit without any trouble. Damaged locks, unsecured doors, broken fences and windows are easy to access points for burglars. 
  6. No security systems- One of the main and common reasons why many homes in Australia and other cities around the world are facing high rates of burglary is due to the lack of security systems installed in properties. No sign of alarm systems, lights, or cameras is a green ticket for burglars to freely enter.
    Apart from these, there are other red flags that you must know to tighten your home security and reduce the risks of burglary. 
  7. Properties built near high crime rate streets.
  8. Properties located in low visibility areas- covered with trees.
  9. Properties with detached garages. 
  10. Properties built in the middle of forests, or nature surrounding lands.

How effective are home security systems?

Relying on basic, low maintenance ways to keep your home safe is no longer an option for many homeowners. Only 32% of residential owners have security cameras installed in Australia while 27% of homes have only alarm systems. 

Increasing your home security is an effective way to prevent any sort of crime and burglary. Whether you are home or away on vacation, your home is safe when you have a full set-up security system. In many reports, burglars have avoided homes that have security systems which includes: 

  • Motion sensors
  • Smart lighting 
  • Outdoor and indoor security cameras 
  • Smart doorbells with video recordings 
  • Alarm systems 

Take some straightforward measures and upgrade your locks with smart locks and doorbell cameras. You can invest in monitors and sensors to keep your entry points secure. 

Statistically speaking, homes with upgraded and latest security systems are less likely to be robbed. Security systems not only keep an eye on your property but will also record any bypasser, stalker, visitor and other guests entering and exiting your home. 

You can also use the 4 main monitors such as Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors, emergency buttons and flood sensors for your home security system so that they work effectively. 

There are many benefits of installing a proper security system in your home. Some of which include: 

  • A smart security system will include automatic exterior lights which turn on and off when there is motion. 
  • You can check the indoor and outdoor cameras through your phone, iPad, or other devices. Enjoy 24/7 monitoring features. 
  • Depending on your security system you can also benefit from daylight saving

Tips To Prevent Home Burglary

  1. Install Cameras in visible locations so that burglars are aware that you are watching. In addition to that, have some hidden cameras set up outdoors so that you can watch all the streets near your property closely. 
  2. Hire a tradie or company to get your lawn cleaned while you are away. Don’t let your grass grow too high so that it attracts animals and burglars. Maintaining your house well during the seasons will help prevent any theft and damage to the property. 
  3. Walk around your home and explore the area. Find any hiding spots that can be a potential entry point for the burglars. Secure any outdoor equipment such as BBQ grills, bicycles, inflatable pools and other valuable things. 
  4. Keep your windows closed and covered before you leave. While many people believe that leaving the curtains open will let others know you are home, it is not quite safe at all times. Exposing your home interior can allow burglars to explore your items from outside. They can observe and rob all your valuables. 
  5. Repair door locks and windows before you leave your home unattended. Homeowners leave their homes unattended during the summer holidays. This can put a target on the house if you do not maintain your home exterior. Make a seasonal checklist and make sure all your windows, doors and basement locks are repaired and upgraded. 
  6. Invest in buying a safe or a lockbox for your home. In the worst case, if your home is being robbed, you can protect your most valuable items in the safe. Storing jewellery, cash and other important documents hidden away in a safe will prevent major loss.
  7. Install motion sensors inside rooms so that you can detect any movements while you are away. 

Apart from these tips you can double-check your doors before leaving, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property and avoid telling many people about your vacation plans. Seasonal burglars target empty homes.